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The right message for the right audience at the right time.
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Do you already have a marketing plan but have you lost sight of the big picture? Don't worry, comma merkenmarketeers acts as a communications consultant and guides you through the rollout of your communications strategy and plan. What media channels does your target group use? And how can we respond to this in the best way possible? Only in need of a media plan? Regardless of your department, there's always a brand strategist here ready to give you a hand.

comma, merkenmarketeers keeps a close eye on everything. In order to build strong campaigns with measurable results, constant budgetary checks, evaluation, and adjustments need to made.

communication strategy

Marketing goals are transformed into a hands-on strategy. We decide what message will be spread, which channels will be used and, which target groups we wish to reach.  Emphasis is put on the marketing strategy in order to generate clear and measurable results.

In order to make things tangible we use a diagram, going from "awareness" to "consideration", "trial", and "frequency".

communication plan

Our communication plans are cross medial. Owned media are a must and need to be budgeted. Furthermore, bought and earned media are also needed in order to meet your goals and reach your target group. We make plans using both the "owned, bought, earned" model and the time line. This makes everything more tangible and easier to understand for everyone in the company or organization.

To steer everything in the right direction we follow up all files proactively. Constant meetings and evaluation are indispensable when it comes to timing, planning, impact, and budgetary checks. That's how we keep the head start.

"a vision without a plan is just a hallucination." – will rogers

This results in a strong approach regarding the target groups combined with specific communication and correct focal points. In summary, a fully integrated marketing communication plan.

media plan

Creating a media plan focuses on bought media, which is what we do as well. As an officially recognized media agency, comma, merkenmarketeers has the knowledge and experience to propose the right cross medial media selection.

Diverse sources assist our systematic approach: figures published by CIM, media planning software, Mediaspecs, information provided by media marketing, ...

Media are evaluated based on the broad range of information based on specific client targets and budgets. The following parameters are taken into consideration: cost per contact, CPC, GRP, and selectivity on the target group. We are known for creative planning and always guarantee a high OTS rate (opportunity to see). Finally, we evaluate everything in order to make changes if necessary.

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Need help with your corporate communication? A communication plan to suit your needs.
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