voka, vlaams netwerk van ondernemers

voka, vlaams netwerk van ondernemers
voka, vlaams netwerk van ondernemers

Plato and Bryo, two strong Voka networks were presented separately and independently. 85 groups distributed over 8 entities and 1300 participants per year. From now on everything would have to be centralised. After several creative and strategical meetings, we all agreed on Plato’s and Bryo’s positioning and communication. In the meantime, comma has done the same thing for other Voka brands. 

Plato & Bryo banners

What we did

  • brand positioning
  • brand architecture
  • strategy
  • logo development
  • corporate style
  • campaign
  • copywriting
  • templates, roll-up, etc.
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the comma, strategy

The first operating point was the new, centralised approach all over Flanders. This required uniform and recognisable communication that unifies the different entities. Voka is on the first tier, followed by the learning networks witch each their own target group. Byro and Plato were the first ones to get a style make over, the others followed. This is how every target group got its own brand. 

Plato & Bryo Facebook

As a result, we decided to bring the networks closer together under the Voka flagship. Their communication was tuned so it would all fit together visually. All the learning networks now use a common corporate style, structured with specific colour codes for each department. Powerful back and white portraits were used in the campaign in combination with just a couple of well-written lines that reflects Plato’s and Bryo’s essence.

Plato & Bryo keywords

the results

It’s a lot clearer to the audience now that the learning networks are part of Voka and that they’re supported by Flanders on a national level. It’s easier for Voka members to find their way through the different brands because of their unique design.

about Plato and Bryo

Plato and Bryo are two learning networks by Voka. Plato focusses on already established businesses, while Bryo helps out start-ups. The networks stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience. 


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Els Maes - Alnus

I got to know Greetje as a very driven entrepreneur. She knows exactually where she wants to go with her company. Collaborating with Greetje and the comma team brings certainly an added value. Projects are started and brought to a successful conclusion in an enthusiastic and professional manner.