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Consultancy & coaching

Stanwick is a well-established international business consultant with a strong position in this market. Stanwick has been a client with us for many years now, we’ve looked after their corporate website for quite some time. When we got the opportunity to reposition them, we didn’t just do that. Their general look and feel were given an update, both online and offline. They are ready to tackle the future. 

what we did...

  • brand model
  • marketing and communication plan
  • positioning
  • baseline
  • corporate identity
  • in & outstore
  • website
  • brochure
  • corporate video
  • direct mail
  • e-mailing
  • SEO
  • media
Picture stanwick corporate identitiy

the comma, strategy

After having implemented the brand model, a new corporate identity was developed. We started off with a thorough analysis of the already existing positioning and corporate style in order to transform those into a completely new concept. Stanwick’s 4 main domains were extended into the brochure, website, e-mailing, in and out store and many other forms of media. 

Picture Stanwick nieuwe huisstijl

the results

Our marketing team keep coaching Stanwick through their succes story by guiding them in the social media landscape. 

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about Stanwick

Stanwick advises both national and international companies in their growth and transition. Stanwick advises, coaches and trains companies in leadership, organisational development, operational excellence and business excellence. They have over 45 years of experience and expertise in the consultancy and training field and are active in Belgium, The Netherlands and in France.

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After more than three years of collaboration, it seems as comma, brand strategists know us even better than in the beginning. They understand the operation and corporate culture within Axintor reigns. Everything together compares a very efficient collaboration.