Education and training center

Comma takes SBM on a digital adventure.

What we did

  • Positioning
  • Brand model
  • Visual storytelling
  • Written storytelling
  • Customer journey workshop 
  • Communication plan
  • Wireframing
  • UX design
  • Activation

It all started with a pitch a couple of years ago. As the years have gone by, we’ve gotten to know SBM inside out (and vice versa). A close partnership arose and together we positioned as a business minded consultant, trainer and coach.

SBM took an intense yet interesting route that lead to a fully integrated digital platform which makes them a strong online player on social media. 

Many workshops for SBM have taken place in the comma offices. SBM was analysed from head to toe: identity, target group, products and services, etc. different tools such as the BCH matrix, Ansoff model and customer journey were used to finalize their new website. Comma continuously educated SBM on SEO techniques.

Getting to use our full skill set and expertise on this project was like a dream come true. We all enjoy(ed) the ride!


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Meer cases


Jean-Paul Nauwelaers - Stanwick

We have been working with ‘comma, brand strategists’ for 5 years for the design and management of our website in Belgium and the Netherlands. The employees of comma surprise us consistently with new innovative concepts, they empathize with our business context and are a perfect sounding board for all our questions, high rankings on the internet, increased brand awareness and ultimately an expansion of our customer base. Today they will become our guide to work with social media in a smart way. In short, they are a reliable and strong partner.