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what we did

  • Positioning workshops
  • Product / market matrix workshops
  • Storytelling
  • Product range delineationCatalogue

how pipelife found comma

Since 2016 comma has been the brand strategist for Preflex, the leading European producer of flexible, prewired conduits and distributor of premium products designed to make electricians’ work quicker, safer and easier. Preflex joined the Wienerberger Group in 2017. Another member of the group, Pipelife, is Europe’s largest producer of plastic conduits and committed to investing in sustainable innovation. Its range of plastic conduits, auxiliary parts and tailor-made smart solutions for indoor and outdoor plumbing, drainage, water, gas and oil includes a selection of rigid pipes and flexible conduits for use by electricians. Our links with Preflex brought us into contact with Pipelife, located in the Dutch city of Enkhuizen. Following the successful repositioning and rebranding of Preflex, Pipelife also approached us for help in evaluating and redirecting its brand positioning.



research and development

In the area of marketing, we launched a project using our extensive range of tools and interactive workshops in order to identify a business strategy, brand model, brand essence, P/M matrix, product structure analysis and other factors. Based on the results, we determined the positioning and laid down a basis for an effective marketing communication strategy.



pipelife essentials

Pipelife is a multi-faceted company. Working in response to its customer’s needs and feedback, its experts work to remove obstacles and develop innovative products and processes. Pipelife actively contributes to SUSTAINABLE distribution of water, energy and data. Given its diversity of products, tailor-made solutions, engineering options and other aspects, we opted for segmented media communication with an initial focus on Pipelife Electro and Pipelife Water Management. In the future, we will shift the focus to indoor plumbing and drinking water.



For both visuals and text communications we created a powerful new brand essence, designing a Pipelife Netherlands house style that can be effortlessly expanded into a general, internationally-recognizable corporate brand. To do this we looked for a style that could be effectively segmented while retaining its general look and feel in terms of patterns, colour codes, typography, image styling, product icons and other aspects. Working from this basis we developed templates for brochure covers, technical sheets, tables and similar materials.

The new brand image was also applied to web design as part of the visual/content sketch for Pipelife ‘new style’. We conducted SEO analysis for results-oriented grouping, and for the Belgian market we laid down a path for an extensive catalogue of over 10,000 items. Throughout this process we did our best to create an attractive, user-friendly instrument by adding functional tables, graphic elements to aid navigation, illustrations, comments by Pipelife experts, testimonials from end users, utilities and partners, and spotlight previews of new products.


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After more than three years of collaboration, it seems as comma, brand strategists know us even better than in the beginning. They understand the operation and corporate culture within Axintor reigns. Everything together compares a very efficient collaboration.