Education and training center

what we did...

  • Positioning
  • Customer journey workshop
  • Marketing and communication plan
  • Storytelling
  • Creation and design of ‘Espresso’ newsletter
  • Website design
  • Website architecture
  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Social media

Escala devises high-quality, innovative solutions to meet the dynamic training requirements of the public, social-profit and non-profit sectors, offering both scheduled training programmes and tailor-made, in-house programmes. Escala celebrated its tenth anniversary as a training expert in 2017, joining forces with comma to evaluate how brand positioning and ambition can take it to the next level. In a positioning workshop with Escala, we identified the essential factors for this, then translated them into a targeted strategy with appropriate branding.


We also updated the corporate style and implemented it into all communication streams. One of the priorities in this area was to develop and design a customer-friendly website for optimum SEO/SEA. For the fine-tuning needed to align Escala’s requirements with those of its customers, we held a digital journey mapping workshop.

Furthermore, we boosted Escala’s online presence by launching it on Facebook and LinkedIn, monitoring online results monthly and collating them in a dashboard. We also designed a pilot version of the ‘Espresso’ newsletter that Escala uses for communication with its target audience, and we continue to collaborate on the content and design of each edition.

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We would like to thank comma, brand strategists for their way of following up and supporting the right strategy. Especially the interesting workshops at the beginning of our project were a high added value. Thanks to the help of the team, we were able to define a clear direction without any problems.