CEBEKO is specialised in selling and leasing construction machines as well as the accessory services. In 2018 they will be celebrating their 35 year anniversary. This milestone was celebrated by rebranding the company. This family business prides itself for the ‘sky high’ experience they offer and their ‘groundbreaking’ trust.

What we did

  • Positioning
  • Visual storytelling
  • written storytelling
  • Customer journey workshop
  • Website design and development
  • SEO & keyword analysis
  • Drupal website

the comma, strategy

CEBEKO’s identity and image were the marketing and strategical foundation for their rebranding. Who are they and how do they want to be perceived by others? Both visually and in written form, CEBEKO was redirected and updated. This led to a coherent communication strategy with an appealing lay-out that is now consistently used in their corporate communication. 

Furthermore, the website came along during a customer journey workshop that was organised in our office. This resulted in a fully functional website that was made in Drupal 8 with complex content that leaves a positive impression on the visitor.

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  • comma’s services are very good for us. Very customer-oriented and flexible, they respond quickly to questions and customer needs.
  • comma's advice and expertise has helped us in our project.
  • the service provision was as it should be. Correctly executed
  • the collaboration was perfect. 
  • correct service provision, everything went according to agreements
  • the service provision was once more as it should be. 
  • excellent service provision